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Jenny Conway Fisher
Brand Experience & Creative Strategy


About Me

I'm obsessed with user experience. I take the responsibility of storytelling seriously. I have a deep passion for visual design. My goal is to ask good questions, listen carefully to the answers,
and respond with work that resonates. 

Highlight Projects


Art is Life

Janvier Train Wrap Exterior.jpg

The daily commute becomes an immersive art experience

Building Community

Expanding expectations about who gets to be involved in tech

Qatar Desert.jpg

Role Modeling

A made-in-Qatar approach to nursing education

Calgary Stampede in Doha.jpg
Its not just what youll see final emotions grid_video still.jpg

Strong Feelings

Redefining the Glenbow experience

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 12.13.11 PM.png

On Parade

Come for the spectacle, stay for the story

Current Inspirations

The storytelling in this podcast
All the creative work here
People who develop infographics
Becoming a better gardener
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